How Football Predictions can become your business

internet marketerEverybody tries to find a way to have an online business and can call himself an Internet Marketer. When you are successful, you will have a relaxing live. Sadly only a few manage this. The major reason for this is everybody is trying to make the same. Everybody wants to promote diet or flirt products. Stop it, read about a new idea: promote Football Predictions Services.

Is Football Predictions the right market for you?

I only recommend this market for you when you are interested in this topic. You will read a lot of football stuff from all around Europe and from other people in twitter, facebook or whatever. You also have to show that you know what you are talking about.

You know what a under/over bet is? You know what lay means? If yes, continue reading. If no: well, buy yourself a book or search for some more information in the Internet.

How you generate money with this model

promote football prediction service

Betegy is a Football Prediction Services which provide users with solid predictions for the European Leagues. This Service is just awesome: good looking, transparent site, easy to use and friendly stuff. People have to pay a monthly price to get regular predictions and can retip them. Pricing is actual this: 35€ per month or 294€ per year.

So when somebody creates an account through your affiliate on, you will get commission. This is up to 45% which means you will get 15,75€ for a monthly subscription.
Your main target is to get attention from other people through prediction articles and promote also Betegy as a Prediction Service.

Step 1: Register as an Affiliate

Actually I recommend you to start with the Prediction Service Betegy. You will have to input some personal data and after that you are nearly ready to start your promotion.

Click here to register as an Affiliate

Step 2: create a presence in the Internet

At this point you have to decide: Do you want to promote the Prediction Service via a Website, a Blog, Twitter, Facebook or even other tipster Communities?

I recommend you to create a free blog under Write articles every week and predict some games. Every time you do this, you also promote Betegy to get attention to this Football Prediction Service.

It should not be that complicate. Use the Betegy source and read some facts about the prediction. Maybe also take some screenshots and post them in your prediction, like this:

Football Predictions As a ServiceWith this screenshots you will build more and more trust. Show your readers, that this service is really awesome and the Predictions are a good value.

You have a lot of screenshot options: current form, goal score predictions and statistical comments. Use them!


Always place an affiliate link in your article. The so called “Call to Action”. Your readers should think: “Yes, I want to test this Prediction Service.”. Betegy always has some Promo Codes to test this service, write them down and let the reader use them.

Step 3: Use the social Web to spread your articles

Ok, now you have an affiliate account, a web presence and actual articles. Now it is time to share this ones with other people around the world. Use Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook, but also Tipster Communities like are possible. Try to reach as much people as you can. Share your articles or thoughts with your follower or fans.

For example, I use Facebook, Twitter and olgb as my way to inform people about my predictions and the prediction service.

Step 4: Reduce errors and repeat

To be honest: your first articles will not perform very well. This is normal. You will make errors till you make your first sale. Don’t give up after 4 or 5 blog articles, write more. Be in contact with other people who bet a lot and communicate with them.

You remember my first words? When you love football and it is your hobby, great. Writing about predictions is another aspect of your hobby now and in some weeks you will be able to generate money with this.

Extra: Write your link in the comment box

I want to see your work! Write your link in the comment box below and other people and I can see your work and we will give you feedback.

If you have any comments or feedback, please also use the comment box. I will appreciate this.

Good luck

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