Betegy Review


Football betting predictions are always hard to get! I am pretty sure you know a lot of sites with monthly punters and tipsters, which are doing awesome. But when you check a whole year, you see that these tipsters are just awesome for one or 2 months and then they disappear.

A few years ago I came to the conclusion: It is not possible to predict football games in a long time period, you just have luck some time.

What is Betegy?

Betegy is a football prediction service, based on mathematical statistics and formulas. This website will predict for you the end results, e.g. 2:0. But you will see a lot more stuff like the % of possible goals per team and the possibility of the winning team. See screenshot:


What is the difference to other betting services?

In my sportsbetting career I tried a lot of services, like nepaso and other ones and every time I had the feeling, that they are untransparent. With betegy I do not have this feeling. They post free bets on Facebook, Twitter and it’s own blog. Everybody can easily see predictions and can bet on this ones.
Also the price for the plan is a great value. If you have a bigger betting bank then the monthly cost is nearly nothing.

So for me the big difference is the good feeling while using this football prediction service!

What does it cost me? has 2 options for you:

1. Free betting tips

Every week Betegy publishes some free tips and predictions. If you are a skeptic one than start with subscribe the newsletter (click here) or follow them on facebook.

2. Subscription Plan

Actually you can choose between to subscription plans, monthly and yearly.
The monthly plan cost you 35 € per month. With the yearly plan you pay 30% less, 24,50 € per month. You also get a free polo shirt.

With this subscription plan (monthly or yearly) you get the predictions + betting recommendations. Means they tell you e.g. place the normal or double stack amount and over/under bets.

My Opinion

Betegy could become a very good betting advice company. The price is fair and the usability is cool.


Here is another explanation video for the Betegy review:

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